You Seek Yoga was created from a desire to wear simple and sustainable clothes that shared a love of yoga practice.

Jazmin (that’s me, and writing in the third person is strange but I’m sure I’ll be employing someone to help at some point…) sat in a tiny studio attic flat in London, struggling with her mental health but still wishing to share her love of yoga some way, some how. Teaching took a step back and she spent many days in creative retreat, painting and drawing to try and process what she was going through.

These beautiful calligraphic prints came out of some of these days (and as you probably know, most creative endeavours don’t make it!).

This was in 2022, where after a long stint as a vegetarian, a vegan diet and lifestyle started to creep in naturally. It was completely obvious – why hurt animals for something as silly as a logo shirt?

Then Jazmin moved out of London, abandoned all hope and picked this back up in 2024, determined to try again.

Everything on this site is 100% vegan, with most of the clothing being organic or containing a blend of organic fibres and recycled polyester. No animals were harmed in the making of anything here, so it’s completely guilt free and the production chain is also free from human abuse too. Most items are PETA approved (and say so if they are on the care labels.)

The production of each garment re-uses commercial waste for industrial products, meaning it’s waste-free AND it is carbon neutral.

Since every item is made (with love) to order, there is no waste from stock sitting around.

It’s a truly green and guilt-free place to grab yourself some gifts.

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