• Silky smooth and tangle free

    I miss silk. Or, I missed it. When I learned and really started to appreciate the barbarity of silk making I looked in horror at my own silk hair bands: and while I don’t always appreciate all creatures great and small it didn’t feel great to know anything had died for me to put my…


  • The ULTIMATE vegan white choc blondie

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    In the last post I mentioned I make my own cakes so I thought I’d just add something here to give you an idea. This recipe has just dropped into my awareness and I’m obsessed. It’s delicious, its completely indulgent and I really do recommend you only make a small amount because you’re going to…


  • When it costs so much more, why choose organic?

    I did a test over this summer. I switched from non-organic food to “normal” food. I ate processed food and I didn’t live off whole foods. Shut up okay?! I make my own cakes and I’m happy with that. Before we dive into the reasons that are not anecdotal, let me say that after being…


  • Why choose vegan clothes?

    This site is built by a trained yoga teacher and yoga practitioner and one of the key tenets of yoga is a practice of non-violence or ahimsa. When we begin a practice of non-violence, we first begin with our outward actions. This looks like not saying or doing anything that would hurt other people, for…