I did a test over this summer. I switched from non-organic food to “normal” food. I ate processed food and I didn’t live off whole foods.

Shut up okay?! I make my own cakes and I’m happy with that.

Before we dive into the reasons that are not anecdotal, let me say that after being back on an organic diet for a couple of months I just feel better. My body is cleaner. And, even though I’m not a drinker OF COURSE I tested the non-organic vs organic wine too…

I have more energy. I am able to think clearer. My digestion is better. And funnily enough, I eat a lot less.

But that’s just my own personal experiment with food. So why buy organic clothes? You’re not going eat them, are you?


Skin is a permeable membrane. Anyone who’s quit smoking knows, you can take in chemicals through your skin, which is why nicotine patches are workable cessation tools. So if your clothes are laden with chemicals that could potentially cause you disease, wouldn’t you do everything you can to wear things with less or no toxic chemicals? I know that I would.


The biggest disruption in the body that would happen fast is hormones. Any chemical that enters the body disrupts the homeostatic balance. Do you know the effect of the chemical pesticide from the cotton plants, or the possible carcinogenic dyes the make the perfect shade of purple? And do we know how they disrupt our hormones? Hormones shape everything from how you store fat, to how you digest, to how the cells renew and how our reproductive systems work. The less chemical interference, in theory, the less medical assistance will be needed to do what our bodies should be able to do naturally.

The environment

The chemical processes in the manufacture of fabrics poisons the earth. We have only the one. When we use non-toxic and vegetable-based dyes, we’re allowed the earth and all the critters on it the space to live and breathe without interference.

Don’t be frightened! Just be informed and along the way, you’ll start to make healthier choices. It’s a journey.


Jaz @ You Seek Yoga



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