How long does shipping take?

Depending on location your order could be delivered within 24 hours to 10 working days, post production

How long does production take?

It can take 24-48 hours for orders to reach the production team, then a further 7 working days for your order to be completed. Please allow a minimum of 10 working days for completion of production, and 14 days minimum for your parcel to reach you.

My order is nowhere to be found

That is the worst! Sometimes, especially with international orders, things can get waylaid at customs. If you are ordering to the UK, please allow 7 working days from dispatch, then send us an email. For the rest of the world, its 21 days. Thank you for your patience on this matter.

Luckily, all of our shipping options come with tracking so you should be able to check where your order is at any stage in its journey. If your parcel is lost, rest assured we’ll be able to ship you a new one.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs vary on location. Please see the table below. Remember, that the time listed refers to the carrier only and does not include product times:

UK ShippingRest of World Shipping
Royal Mail 48hr Tracked£2.99unavailable
Royal Mail 24hr Tracked£4.99unavailable

Can I get free shipping?

Yes, for UK customers spend £50 and receive free standard shipping or £150 for 24hr Tracked, and for anywhere else it’s £150. This reflects the real cost of the courier based on the weight of the (often heavy) premium cotton.

Do you offer refunds?

No. Please read the size chart carefully as we do not offer refunds for ordering the wrong size, since all items are custom-made to your specifications.

I have a problem with my order

In any instance there is a problem with your order, please contact customer service with your order number and photos of any defective product so that we can quickly process a replacement.

I need to change/cancel my order

Unfortunately all sales are final, and if your items have gone through to production it is not possible to change your order. However, please email through to customer services as quickly as you can to halt production or change the products. If you email within 24 hours, it’s very likely we can help.

Do you have sales?

Since all items are made to order there is no need to make a sale. However, sign up to our newsletter to receive an instant 10% to welcome you to the YSY tribe. You may even find discounts and exclusive drops worth signing up for…

Are you vegan?

All the products listed are 100% vegan, and many are PETA approved.

Are you vegan?

Assuming you’re speaking to Jazmin:

I try to be as vegan as possible and live by the principle of ahimsa or no harm, as much as possible but modern life or even depending on your location, life may not allow for this.

But I eat a vegan diet, I wear mostly vegan clothes (I own some vintage wool and some peace silk and some other vintage pieces that have special emotional significance), I use vegan cosmetics and toiletries and even try to buy or consume as much other vegan products as possible, where possible.

My puppy is a flexitarian as though she has a nutritionally complete and delicious vegan diet, I suspect she would happily eat any meat given to her…

Why vegan? Why organic?

Without being preachy, we believe here at YSY that especially when we’re consuming things that we actually don’t “need” there is no need to harm animals or do more damage to the environment than necessary. We don’t believe in shaming you if you don’t live like that, but just know that your purchase here today has a positive impact on the world in so many ways by:

  • choosing a small independent business
  • supporting a female-owned business in a world where women still earn considerably less than men
  • contributing to a positive movement of brands that choose not to harm animals at all
  • buying earth-friendly and eco alternatives to fast fashion

Is everything organic?

All products containing natural fibres use only organic fibres. The other materials will be sustainably sourced, or recycled manmade fibres.

Where do you get the designs?

All the designs are our original artwork, first made with brush and paint and then digitised.

Do you have an ambassador program or media packs?

At present we have no ambassador program though are happy to partner with influencers on a case by case basis.

Do you have any physical stockists?

At present we have no physical stockists. The address listed is for mail only (we appreciate thank you cards, obviously) and we have no storefront. Could you be the first stockist? Email at

Are you a yoga practitioner?

Yes, and these designs sprung from a love of the practice and the inevitable desire to create better, more sustainable clothing options for people who also love yoga.

Why do you offer organic and vegan clothing at such a low cost?

We are a small brand with no warehouse space. This has advantages and disadvantages. We have no stock wasting space (=money), which means we can pass those savings to you. Unfortunately this means we are unable to offer refunds. Every item is made to order, reducing the impact on the environment and made to high ecological standards with little to no commercial waste. Everything is posted out to you in eco-friendly packaging with, often carbon offset delivery and ALL our products are vegan and either organic or recycled materials.

Welcome to the fashion revolution


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