I miss silk. Or, I missed it.

When I learned and really started to appreciate the barbarity of silk making I looked in horror at my own silk hair bands: and while I don’t always appreciate all creatures great and small it didn’t feel great to know anything had died for me to put my hair in a scrunchie.

But silk is much better for hair – it’s perfect for curls or waves, for taming frizz and prevents breakage.

I discovered some vegan silks that were available, so aside from personally trying to make my own and my own garments (it’s a learning process) I am so delighted to share something I’m able to make well.

These headbands are effortlessly chic and wearable for comfort or to pull together an outfit. The gorgeous pale heather-y pink and purple hues suit pretty much all skin tones and the feel is just pure luxury.

I wear mine nearly every day. Choose from either one that has ruffles the whole way around, or with a flat band at the nape of the neck.

Just waiting for the day I can add more handmade or personal designs on here. ♥️

Vegan silk VS ahimsa silk

You might be wondering why we should choose vegan silks over ahimsa silks.

Ahimsa silks, or peace silks are real silks made from silk worms. The worms are usually helped with an incision to exit their cocoons. This means that most fabrics have to be blended with another fibre such as cotton, because the silk fibres are cut to a shorter length.

In some “peace” silks the moths are still killed to prevent unmeasured breeding, or them eating the cocoons.

This means that for truly peaceful peace silks the resources are highly limited, so even if the worms have happy lives it’s completely unsustainable to have a lot of it.

Organic vegan silks, by contrast are often made from commercial food or flora waste meaning that they are sustainable and help to reduce overall wastage of materials.

Ahimsa silks are traditionally reserved for ceremonial garments, rather than everyday wear because they are so precious and available in smaller quantities than traditional silks.

Just a little background on what I’ve been reading and learning 😉


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